Can the Muslim World unite to be the new superpower?

24 04 2009

Can the Muslim world unite? Can it become a world power? A superpower? An entity so strong in economy, science, technology, politics and military that it is respected no matter where an event takes place, and no matter who are involved?

There are a combined 57 members in OIC , with greater than 1.5 billion people, more than $7 trillion in Gross Domestic Products (aggreggate), with some of the oldest and most historical cities, civilizations, artefacts and cultures in the world contained in the Ummah, with some of the fast rising economic powers and political centres being in the Ummah, with some of the fastest growing and most advanced countries of the world in Muslim countries specially around the Persian/Arabian Gulf area.

The UAE has already made its mark in the world but Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and rest of the Arab GCC has invested more than trillions of euros in their economies, that are supposed to/expected to spawn of more in terms of output for their respective economies. They are beefing up their scientific and research institutes, with high funding going for higher education and research institutes in GCC countries.

Iran is making great strides too.

What needs to be done for the Muslim World is

1 Unite

2 Accept Islamic laws as the law of the land




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