100 largest Iranian companies or business entreprises for 2008-09

20 05 2010

Latest results are out: 200 largest companies from the Islamic Republic of Iran shows some fascinating changes, newcomers and change in sales revenues.

IMI (Industrial Management Institute) of Iran has been publishing its annual ranking of the largest Iranian companies for over a decade now. Sales revenue is the sole criterion for this ranking.

Managerial and entrepreneurial expertise

IMI believes the ranking will reflect on the adeptness of the overall managerial and entrepreneurial section of society. As such, monopolies are believed to exhibit a “weak” relationship between management expertise and annual sales income.

National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), state-run Telecommunications Company and other similar entreprises are usually excluded for this reason.

Breaking the trend, Esfahan Oil Refinery Company enters the list this time around.

Iranian calendar begins on March 21st and ends on March 20th. The ranking for 1387th year corresponds to a calendar starting on March 21st, 2008 and ending on March 20th, 2009 in Gregorian calendar.

Hilarious Translations

The complete list with many hilarious translations can be seen below.

Due credit is given to IMI and the researchers involved with this difficult task.

Due to my poor hold of the Farsi language, I had to resort to online translators which produced some of the hilarious translations you can find below.

Overall, these are interesting figures to pore over.

Certainly, Islamic Republic of Iran has a wide variety of entreprises engaged in various economic sectors, although one may wonder if more software, home appliance manufacturer, biotechnology firms would be seen in future lists considering the strong position of Iran in those sectors.

The list is taken from IMI website. If any knowledgable Farsi speaker would like to correct and/or improve any of the listings, kindly drop a line or post a comment with your opinion.

Only the first 100 entreprises have been listed below.  Click on the image below repeatedly until you see the enlarged and clearer image.

A poor translation of the list produced by IMI

Any comments, suggestions or ideas are welcome as long as they remain civilized.

The companies highlighted in red need to have their names sorted out. Would any knowledgable Farsi speaker tackle the issue?


Some notable omissions are Electricity Supply and Power Generation companies, Bonyads, IDRO (don’t confuse it with IMIDRO which is another entreprise), alongside the “monopolies” mentioned at IMI’s website (like NIOC, NIGC, TCI although its affiliate MCI is included). Also it could be possible that computer hardware manufacturers, home appliance makers (which makes refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and other appliances), biotechnology companies, Defence Industries Organization – a company that was present on earlier versions of the ranking probably missed out this time due to lack of timely submission of annual sales revenue figures, mobile telephone manufacturers, government owned defence and research entreprises may possibly be missing from the list due to timely submission of annual sales revenue figures.

Encouraging Prospects

This list is very enlightening, it is hoped that knowledgable Farsi speakers would correct some of the mistakes in these lists. The extent of diversification and sophistication shown by these lists shows encouraging signs for the future of Iranian scientific and industrial community, Inshallah, all other Muslim countries will follow suit.

In future editions, other countries’ top 100 companies, top 500 companies or ranking of largest companies will hopefully be published.




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