Largest Companies, Businesses, Entreprises List from all across the world

For those who find it intriguing, a compilation of rankings of the largest companies from all across the world is being carried out here.

From the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and Kazakhstan to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Algeria, from Morocco and Indonesia to Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea and more importantly Japan, from Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, and South Africa to Canada, Mexico, Uzbekistan or Côte d’Ivoire no matter what region or country you hail from, your list is welcome!

One by one, all these lists will be updated, Inshallah, to depict an intriguing position of the respective size and nature of economic activity carried out in each region and/or country. While tallying the largest entreprises alone by any one or two measure may not be wholly indicative of a particular economies’ state of affairs, the rankings do make for interesting reading material.

Lists setting out the rankings of the largest companies in Africa, Latin America, East Asia, Central Asia, MENA region, Europe or any other region are also intended to be included if/when they become available.


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